I’m starting to get my motivation back.  I don’t know if it’s the blue skies, being warm enough to wear Chacos, or just timing, but let’s hope it sticks until the end of the semester!

I like feeling alive, feeling ready to face the day.  I like feeling hopeful about my future.  I researched nonprofits in the area and bookmarked a few sites that lists many of them.  They were so numerous that I feel as if I must be able to find a job with at least one of them when the time comes, right?

Incidentally, looking through all those organizations, I had a nostalgic moment for the AmeriCorps*VISTA program.  However, do not think I will be suckered in again.  My nostalgia is not strong enough to trick me into signing up for another term.

I keep saying that I’m willing to move anywhere for a job.  And that is true.  But I will confess that I’d like to stay here.