Tonight I am pulling a potential all-nighter.  I mean, I will sleep eventually; I’m too old for that.  It’s my own fault, due to my previous lack of motivation, I didn’t start researching this paper until today.  And it’s due tomorrow.  Oops.

This is the sort of thing you’re supposed to get out of your system in undergrad, when you’re young and stupid and you don’t do your work ahead of time (or if you were me, you simply had too much on your plate).  Why is it that in my “last” semester of seminary, I am again finding myself in that place?

But I’m ready: I have coffee freshly brewed, a pillow and a heating pad for my back, and my research is nearly done, which means I’ll start writing very soon.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be in bed before 5am.  I have to get up no later than 10am, so…  Here’s hoping!

While you’re feeling sympathetic, check out this comic from which is perfect for this occasion.