I am mistrustful of extroverts, and I am suspicious of a lack of red flags so far, despite looking for them.

And yet, I am going to meet a guy today over coffee who has both those qualities.  Don’t get excited; I’m sure it won’t work out.  (Like one of my friends says, “High standards; low expectations.”)

And yet, I am a little excited and a little nervous.  There’s something nice about knowing that someone wants to meet you, wants to get to know you.  Because there’s something about being a woman at a conservative seminary that assures you that no man wants to get to know you.

And because I am not ashamed, I will tell you I met this guy on okcupid.com.  It’s a free site, which usually means super sketch, but I have been impressed.  After hearing from so many people how good it was, I decided to give it a try.

I doubt I’ll mention this guy again on here, so don’t expect details or anything.

Next Day Update: It was actually a really good date. We had coffee, dinner and watched a movie.  And he was interesting, kind, a gentleman, fun, and so on.