I’ve been watching the LOTR trilogy again.  And I realized I’d like to cut out most parts with golem or fighting in them.  I’m not sure what that leaves me with, but it’s not much.  I think I would like a whole movie just about the Shire, with the Hobbits.  I don’t need a lot of excitement; I’m fine with just a happy story.

There are only four weeks left to the semester.  I wonder what it will feel like to call my time my own again.  Of course, I’ll be working on my thesis, and then when that’s done, finding a job, so it’s not as if I will be entirely free.  But even with my thesis, I plan on having set work hours, so that I can be free (guilt-free) in the evenings and on weekends.

And I’ve been thinking: my allergies to cats aren’t very severe.  I like cats much better than dogs in the end–I prefer independent animals.  I think when I move out, I will get a kitten.  That way it can be on its own, and I don’t have to feel bad.

Thursday is date two.  Should I really be telling the internet about this?