You might not care, but you will be subjected to the following list anyway… It is a list of everything I still have to do this semester:

Hebrew: 3 translations, 3 quizzes, 1 final exam (in 2 parts)
Greek: 2 translations, 1 project, 1 commentary (including 1 word study & 1 sentence diagram), 1 final exam
Colloquium: 1 rough draft & 1 final draft of a Historical Theology paper (Christine de Pizan’s theology of women)
[UPDATE: My Greek prof. dropped the in class final. Praise Jesus.]

Yes, friends, the time is drawing nigh.  I am almost done with this semester.

Incidentally, I was summoned for jury duty starting finals week.  I’ve asked for a deferment and hope they think final exams for a grad program is a sufficient reason.  If not, I’d have to take my finals early, just in case I had to serve.