One of these days, I am going to live where it is good weather most of the time.  These beautiful days make me happy and make me wish they were more often.  Having lived in rainy weather my whole life, I’m used to it.  But I don’t love it like I used to think I did.  Now I realize the truth: I have been oppressed by the rain and am now seeking my liberation.  More or less.

I have a plan.  The semester will end.  I will move apartments (because the school will make me move to a different one).  I will take a short break from thinking.  Then I will start full time on my thesis.  When it’s all the way written (hopefully no later than the end of July), I will find a full time job.  I will work and find a place to move out of school apartments before Fall semester begins.  I will take my thesis course, working on any necessary revisions, during Fall semester, while working full time.  I will graduate and be free.

I sincerely hope this plan works.  It is a good plan.  It does require finding a job that pays more than Target or Starbucks.  That part makes me very nervous.  And it would likely require living where I am for at least a year after I’ve moved out.  Which doesn’t seem like such a bad idea at the moment.  I’m just so used to the idea of keeping all my options open that it feels slightly weird to limit myself.

Sunny days give me hope.