Note to Self: Usually making a proposed budget and figuring out projected cost of living makes you feel better.  But when you realize you have no ability to get a job that will pay enough for the bare minimum of living on your own ($12.50/hour), these budgets will only make you feel panicked.  Stop. Stop now.  You can do nothing about this for months still.

Questions for everyone who reads my blog: How on earth does one find a job that pays a decent wage (see above) thus enabling one to live on one’s own?  (It’s that or find a rich husband, which doesn’t look likely, although I will always hold hope, haha.)  Why don’t I have any marketable skills?  And if I do, what are they?  And if not, who is going to be my roommate to help alleviate the cost of living?  Not that that would solve the problem by any means.  And why am I almost 30 and still unsure of how to survive on my own?