Yesterday the weather was incredible. And it looks like today might be as well.

In light of the weather, I accidentally bought an overload of fruit.  I already had avocados, pears, apples and a cantaloupe at home.  For some reason, I bought a pound of strawberries and some bananas.  This is not a problem except that eating fruit is now  my priority.  I have to make sure to get through it all before it goes bad!

Today I have my Hebrew final and my Greek final (which is a take-home).  And then I am done with coursework.  I still have a few classes to attend (for some reason), but I will be done!

Also, in regard to panicking about future jobs, I have made a compromise with myself.  Obviously I am incapable of simply not worrying about it.  And so I will begin to apply for local jobs that I might want, and near the end of June, will expand my search to other locations.  But at least then I am working toward the inevitable future of needing a real job and the ability to take care of myself.