Sometimes when you wish for something, you get more than you wished for.  I’ve always wanted to do jury duty, ever since I knew it existed.  And so I’ve hoped and hoped and hoped.  And this time, I got more than I wanted.  I was chosen to serve on the Grand Jury for a month.  A whole, entire month.  Until June 12th, every weekday from 10am-5:30pm.  It’s like having a full time job, but I only get paid $25 a day.

Minuses: Less time to pack & move (this weekend only), to work on my thesis, to job hunt. Being stuck inside a stuffy building.

Pluses: I get paid. (Let’s be honest, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a job that soon ((although you never know!)), so it is nice to have some income.  I’m so poor that it feels like a lot of money.)  I get to learn about the judicial system.  It will probably rain most of the month, so I will be inside not missing the weather.  It ends before my family vacation.  I get to do jury duty!!

All in all, the timing could be better.  But it could also be worse.  So I get to do my civic duty, to help our system keep running.  And I’ll be downtown everyday, so on long breaks I can explore.  I’m finding more and more silver linings.