I can’t believe I’m admitting this on the internet.  Prepare yourselves.

My mom sent me Twilight (the book) as a joke for our upcoming family vacation to Forks for my 30 Before 30.  I’m a little short on easy reading material at the moment (and in a lack of time to go to the library), so I figured I’d read it.  Even though I always said I wouldn’t.

I read it in one day.

I laughed a lot.  I think I laughed at most of the parts I wasn’t supposed to laugh at.  I can see why teenage girls like it so much: it is written in the same style in which teenagers write and think.  It’s incredibly juvenile in that regard.  I’m having a hard time believing an adult woman wrote this novel, and I confess I feel a bit for her husband and kids if this is what her brain, as an adult, comes up with.  But that isn’t very nice of me.

I certainly wouldn’t say that this is great, or even good, literature.  It’s enjoyable, simple, brainless.  And funny.  But, it does make me want to read the rest.  I want to see how she does it.  How she weaves her web of suspense.  Because the book feels as if she wrote it as she went, without an idea ahead of time of what would happen.  I could be wrong, there is obviously some foreshadowing going on, but so much almost feels like some form of free writing.  (In comparison, consider Harry Potter, which clearly was well-thought out and planned.)

Do I want to read more?  Yes.  Am I ever going to be a true Twilight fan?  No.  I can’t take them seriously.  But they’re great for brainless, summer reading.