My good ideas come bounding to me.  I don’t look for them; I stumble over them.

I have long dreamed of South America.  Maybe the time has come to realize that dream.

Starting in July, I could find a part time job.  I could work on my thesis, stay here, and save my money.  I would continue to stay through December, finishing up my masters degree, and working as much as I could.

After the holidays, I could go to the country of my choice, take the CELTA course, get a job, and live the life of teaching English.  I wouldn’t make much, but so long as I made enough, it would be okay.

(Don’t ask how my student loans factor in; I’m still figuring that out.)

In the meantime, I could also audit a Spanish class or two at the local community college.  It’s been years since I really used my Spanish, and I am rusty (plus have forgotten much).

I’m not one for waiting and putting off when I get a bee in my bonnet, but I do have to agree with my friends that finishing my degree before running off is a good idea.  Blast responsibilities.