I have an African Violet that I got two years ago in August.  A little more than a year after, it outgrew its tiny grocery store pot, so I bought the next size up (but a beautifully glazed clay pot, of course).  Within about two months after re-potting, it grew into, and out of, that pot.  But I held off.  I knew it was going to be a pain to re-pot.  And I’ve never seen an African Violet take off like mine has.  It’s constantly covered in beautiful, purple blooms.  And I had the idea that it wouldn’t be easy to get out of its current home.  I was right.

Today I re-potted my African Violet into another pot, which it will hopefully fit for awhile…  But in doing so, I lost several leaves and the bottom half of the root system.  I feel confident that it will be fine, after the shock to its system, but I still feel bad.  And the worst is that I realized I was going to have to de-bloom it so that the plant can concentrate on setting down strong roots, instead of giving energy to flowers.  It’s so ugly right now.  Not one flower left, compared to the dozens before.

I consider this tough love.

I hope it makes it.

[UPDATE: I feel like this is some sort of analogy for my life when I moved here from home… Only I never did thrive.  Sometimes re-potting doesn’t work?]