It’s almost my 30th Birthday.  My 30 Before 30 list is almost complete: I have five items left, and all will be (hopefully) finished before Wednesday.  And I plan on posting the completed list on my birthday, so get ready.

I’m doing an AdvoCare cleanse right now.  I’m on day 3 out of 10.  It’s not bad except you’re hungry a lot.  The basics are no meat, no dairy, no white carbs, no sugar (except fruit), no fats.  Plus you’re supposed to make sure to eat 8-10 servings of fruit & veggies each day (and veggies should be raw or lightly steamed), plus drink 8 glasses of water.  The water isn’t hard: you want to drink that much because you’re thirsty from the fiber stuff you’re taking.  I do like being able to eat all this fruit.  Normally I limit myself to one piece of fruit a day (because of cost).  This is delightful.

Well. It’s raining today, but that should be good incentive to get work done?  Maybe some work on my thesis, and I really ought to clean the apartment.