Happy Birthday to me!  I’m 30 years old, and as you may have guessed, I’ve completed my 30 Before 30!  You’ll notice my updates: I felt no need to keep items that I was unable to complete.  So I changed them.  It is my list, after all. Remember that the point system is arbitrary.

Total Points:   1235/1025

30 Before 30

1. Lose 25 pounds  Eat a salad every day for a month  50pts   25/50

2. Write 30 letters   50pts  75/50
+25pts if to 30 different people

3. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies in one weekend  25pts   25/25

4. Finish Thesis Sing at a Karaoke Bar Participate in the Birthday Dance 25pts   25/25

5. Memorize Nicene Creed Try to memorize the Nicene Creed but fail 15pts   15/15

6. Read 10 new non-school related books  5pts/book  50/50

7. Walk the neighbor’s goats  Walk a friend’s dog  Go shampoo free  25pts   25/25

8. Go to a concert  25pts   25/25

9. Eat vegetarian for 2 weeks  50pts   50/50

10. Don’t drink coffee for one month  50pts   50/50

11. Drink a beer every night for a week  35pts   70/35
+5pts per new beer

12. Memorize the Greek & Hebrew alphabet  15pts  15/15

13. Try a new food every month  25pts  25/25

14. Go to the zoo; talk to the animals  15pts  15/15

15. Join a community group at church  50pts  50/50

16. Finish Mom’s scarf  25pts   25/25

17. Visit one new place a month  50pts  50/50

18. Go to my local science museum  15pts  25/15
+10pts for the exhibit also

19. Go dancing at least once a month  100pts  100/100

20. Visit Forks & pretend to be a Twilight fan  50pts  75/50
+25pts for wearing Twilight paraphernalia

21. Blog every day for one month  30pts  30/30

22. Learn the Shim Sham  25pts  15/25

23. Go tanning at least once this winter  Get a paid massage  15pts  15/15

24. Smoke a cigar  10pts  10/10

25. Throw a party  50pts  50/50

26. Don’t sabotage the next potential relationship  50pts  50/50

27. Push all the buttons in an elevator, then get off  15pts  15/15
+10pts if it’s over 15 floors

28. Write poetry  20pts  20/20

29. Go to a swing dancing workshop  50pts   50/50

30. Go to a fancy donut shop  15pts  15/15

Bonus List

Kiss a man  50pts  50/50
+25pts if he’s wearing plaid
-25pts if we’ve been drinking

Go to ETS in California  100pts  100/100

Go to Harry Potter World  150pts  0/150

Get a puppy  50pts  0/50

Reform a baby alligator (so it doesn’t eat people)  100pts  0/100