I won’t worry about all the partially written posts that are stacking up in my draft folder.

Instead, I will say this: Something I actually really enjoy about research is how your ideas and conceptions change as you go.  I started off with an idea of what I thought I would find, and as I research, I am refining and redefining my ideas.  I’m changing things–nothing so big that it completely ruins everything, but in nuances and directions.

I thought I would find X, and it turns out I’ve found Y.  And that’s okay.  That’s why you don’t write your paper until you’ve finished researching.  I like what I’ve found better than what I expected anyway.

I’m getting there.  I have pages and pages of research.  It’s encouraging to look at the stacks of paper and know that eventually they’ll be turned into something cohesive.

And sometimes I think I should become a Catholic.  Although they’re messed up, too.  But at least they somewhat understand the idea of ongoing, progressive revelation.