FABRIC: Tonight, I went to Fabric Depot.  I was in heaven.  I bought 8+ yards of fabric (various), thread, colored elastic, and D rings, all for $52.  Not bad, right?  I got two fat quarters that I loved together–not sure what I’m doing with them yet.  I got two sets of unbleached muslin for two regency style aprons (one for me, one for a friend).  I got a bit of accent fabric for another bit I have at home and intend to make into another apron for myself (addiction).  And I bought some cute sewing themed fabric to make into a travel-sewing-kit foldy, pocket thing.  Finally, I got a delightful fabric with wonderful accent fabric to make into an apron I’ve promised a friend for years that I would make.  I think it’s going to end up being a 50’s style apron, which I think will fit her and the fabric.  I’m pretty excited about all of my purchases.

LIFE: When I’m not working on my thesis, I’m daydreaming about Ecuador.  It’s getting ridiculous.  And I bet my friends are getting tired of hearing me talk about it.  If I’m not careful, I’m going to start idealizing it to an unhealthy degree, but you know, it’s been so long since I felt really excited about something that I don’t mind my ridiculousness.  Besides, did I mention that in February, when the weather is gross almost everywhere in North America, I’ll be on a beach, in a cabana, with a hammock on my porch??

My roommate and I go walking in the mornings (6:30am), and we walk through the neighborhoods and look at houses and gardens.  Seeing all those delightful things makes me want my own.  I think I want a brick house (not just so that I can sing this song every night, but also because I like how they look).  And of course the willow tree in the front yard and the vegetable garden in back.  I want a neat and tidy yard, with overflowing flower gardens.  It’d be nice if there were a puppy and a kitty around.

And sometimes, sometimes, I want the husband and kids.  But, you know, let’s not get crazy here.