I was talking with a friend today and she was asking me about the few posts I protected with a password… and then put the password in the title of the post.  I can see why this would be confusing.  Why password protect something only to publish the password?

The thing is, if I truly wanted it private, well, I wouldn’t put it on the internet, first of all.  But there are a few posts that I figure not everyone who reads my blog wants to run across by accident.  I suppose I therefore put them protected to give each reader the option of reading it or not.  They’re a bit more personal than I usually get, perhaps just a bit more detailed, so they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

But everyone is welcome to read them, if desired.  Hence the publicized password.

I know, I know.  All that extra work, for almost no reason.  But I can’t help myself.  It’s just how I am. :)