The end has come: today I have to finish researching for my thesis.  I have seven books in my room to get through.  Tomorrow my mom comes and we will be packing so that I can move home on Saturday.  Yikes!

Yesterday, I met with one of my profs for an hour, the one who lived in Quito, Ecuador for 13 years.  He had some really great information for me, especially considering I don’t know where in the country I’ll end up.  But it sounds to me as if I’ll prefer the highlands to the lowlands,  long-term.  Plenty of time, plenty of time…  However, I do have to have some time-line in place before October so that I can book tickets.  (I hear that I don’t want to wait longer than that to book.)  They make you get a return ticket for your temporary work visa, so I’ll probably fly in and out of Quito.

I worry about making big steps like this…  I am resistant to change, even good change that I put into effect myself.  So I’ve learned that if I prepare and think about it ahead of time, it makes it easier to adjust when the time comes.  With something so big, like moving to Ecuador, I want all the help/preparation I can get to ensure it’s a good decision and a good experience.

I suppose that I really ought to get a start on my day, considering it’s already 9am!!  Wish me luck!