I’m home again.  We got in last night, a day early because my mom and I finished packing by 2:30pm in the afternoon and I said, why not just go home?  So we did.  I had several moments while packing where I suggested simply grabbing boxes at random and chucking them.  Something like letting fate decide what I kept or didn’t keep.  Mom didn’t let me do that, for some reason.

I have spent the entire day, almost, unpacking and re-organizing.  My bedroom isn’t very big, and I got used to all that extra space, and now I’m trying to squish everything back in without it feeling squished.  The good part is that I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff/clothes.  All those items I was iffy on before?  Gone.  Without a second thought.  (Did you know I had kept every calendar I had from 1992 and on?  20 calendars just sitting in my closet… Why??)

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve probably only unpacked half of my things, not counting all my kitchen stuff that won’t be unpacked but simply put into storage.  Ugh.  I haven’t even touched my books yet.  Or found my winter sweaters.

By the way, best thing ever: No Slip Space Saving Hangers. Only, Mom got mine way cheaper at Costco.  (She bought me 70, for $15.)  They are the saving grace in my closet.  I have hung up way more than I’ve ever had in there, and there’s still room!  It’s like magic!  Seriously, magic!