Why has no one told me about selling books back to Amazon??  Seriously.  This was need-to-know information, and I didn’t know it!

Moving on.

I’m starting a month of Boot Camp (exercise program, not the military) today.  I am scared, mostly because I am a weeny.  But I got this fantastic deal of a month for $40.  Combine that with my extreme desire to lose weight before Ecuador…  (Of which I already am losing weight, thanks to livestrong.com.)

And, most happily, my beloved, double-strap Chacos have returned to me from Re-Chaco.  They’re my favourites, and now I know why: an employee at REI told me that Chaco was purchased by Merrill a few years ago and now their products are made in China, whereas they used to be made in the States.  So my first part was still State-side, but my second, less loved, pair was made in China.  Sad day!

Back to work.