What is it with men only protecting what belongs to them?

I am talking about women, for whom I would usually use a pronoun indicating personhood; however, it seems to me that men still, purposely or inadvertently does not matter, view women as objects to be owned, to be conquered, to belong to them.

Think of how a man will fight for a woman he is in a committed relationship with or a female who is his daughter.  Those are the women that men do not hesitate to protect.  (Not every man does this, some don’t even care about the women closest to them.)  It is unimaginable to many men that their belongings should be defiled by anyone (excepting themselves).*

But what about the rest of us?

What about the single women?  The ones who don’t have a father to can or will protect them?  The ones who don’t believe they should have to need a husband to be taken seriously.  Should the single women be forced to get married for this protection?

Why can’t men stop seeing women as property and start seeing them as people?  Protect humankind.  Don’t just protect your belongings.

And go a step further. Stop seeing women as objects at all.  Protect your family, the one you married into, the one with whom you share DNA.  But protect also the ones who you call sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers in Christ.

If we cannot do this, what is the family of God, otherwise, but a sham?


*Consider the unfortunate reality of why men still want their wives to be virgins when they get married, but often have a double standard for themselves.  Or the fact that, most of the time, only a woman wears an engagement ring.  It’s all tied to the idea of women as property, and no one gets her but her husband.