My kitten is a happy, ninja kitten.  She’s even taken to mothering my sister’s kitten (when she’s not in play/attack mode).  They’re only a week apart, but  my sister’s kitten, Ivy, is the runt of her litter, plus was neglected, so she’s a bit behind in kitty things.  Shelby’s been a great mentor.  (So proud.)

I’ve managed to begin writing my thesis.  I have the introduction written, plus the introduction to the first chapter.  Of course, I’m sadly behind on my proposed schedule already, and must make up for it this weekend by writing like a fiend.  I can do it!  I hope.

Grandma’s here for the weekend.  It’s nice seeing her.  But it is one more distraction from the axe hanging over my head (i.e. my thesis).

Onward ho!