Sometimes I have ideas for blogs, try to write them out, and fail miserably.  Be glad that I often just delete those attempts.

Okay, this is what I want to know: what is it about the concept of going on dates that I hate so much?  Getting to know someone over planned activities shouldn’t be torture, and yet…  No wonder I’m single.

And why do social conventions dictate that meals must be parts of dates?  Why can’t we just skip the whole awkward experience of eating together with someone you barely know?  Eating is personal.  And terrible things can  happen while you’re eating.  And going out to eat is not one of my favourite things anyway.

I seriously have issues.  Obviously.

And, obviously, I have a date tomorrow with the guy I mentioned previously.  At least, I assume it’s a date due to the training I’ve received in the past from all my guy friends: “He does not have to use the word ‘date’ for it to be a date.  The fact that he’s asking you out to engage in a pre-planned activity makes it a date.”  Apparently.