So I was downstairs, cleaning out a litter box.  And when I came upstairs to find my kitten, she was nowhere to be seen. My sister’s kitten was hanging out, but no Shelby, which is odd since they’re generally together.  I called her, and she almost always comes when I call, but still no kitten.  I grabbed her bag of treats and crinkled it, and she always comes when she hears the treat bag, but still no kitten.

And then I hear a piteous meow.

I thought she must have been trapped in my mom’s room by accident.  So I opened the door, but no Shelby.

Only one other option comes to mind.  Slightly horrified, I opened the door to our linen closet, which is stuffed full of blankets.

There she is, hanging from a blanket she is apparently trying to climb in order to get on top of something, anything.

She snuck in, the little ninja, when my mom put something away just a bit earlier.

My kitten is a trooper.