I just got an interview scheduled for another seasonal position.  I applied months ago, so it was a surprise.  But it sounds like folks have quit or whatnot, so they’re in a bind.  I guess being second pickings isn’t too bad.  I think, if the details sound agreeable, I’ll take it.  I’d rather make money than not, and at this point, I don’t have too many hours of thesis left.  So why not make a few bucks while looking for a real job, right?  I mean, I’ll have the worst schedule ever, at their mercy, working holidays (perhaps), Black Friday (someone save me), and so on, but… what else do I have to use my time?

I hate that money is such a huge factor in my life.  I don’t feel like I need a lot.  But having none does seem to put me in a bind.

I am job hunting for a real job.  But I want to move out of state, so it’s a bit harder.  And I imagine the interviewing process would/will be harder, too (if I ever get an interview).  I’d have to convince them to use skype or the phone, because no way am I taking trips to interview for positions I may not even get.  For jobs that aren’t worth that kind of expense.

See?  Money again.  Gah.

Someone, find me a job in Boise, ID (or area), okay?  Because that’s where I want to move.