I have really vivid, involved dreams.  Last night’s was weird…  I was at a center that was for women who had been abused, and in the basement of this center were cats.  Like, 100 cats or something, in all stages of life.  I’m not really sure what that says about me…

I finally got my employee number for my new job.  Now I’m just waiting (eagerly?) for my supervisor to call me in for training.  My worst working nightmare is coming true: working retail on Black Friday.

On Monday, I’m starting a 30 Day Fitness Challenge with one of my friends.  We have to confess to each other if we skip a day.  I hope this gets me on a good schedule again.  I swear, I’m just getting fatter and fatter.  That 30 lbs I wanted to lose before I was 30?  Still there.  Ugh!

And in the spirit of trying to make my blog not only about things like jobs, kittens, and the thesis:

Whenever I agree to go on dates with men, I always wonder if I am merely setting them up for failure.  Am I incapable of having relationships with men that aren’t purely platonic?  Do I actually want to live a single life?  I don’t think any of my friends believe I want to be single ultimately.  Sometimes I think I do, for all the reasons stated previously.

But then I also think about going through life alone, just me and the kittens…  The world isn’t built for single people.  And the Christian world most definitely is not.  And then I read all these money articles that tell me that I’m going to live in poverty because I’m single and a woman.  But these are practical reasons for relationships–although, in the end, what other reasons are there, but practical ones?  Do people really simply get married because they can’t imagine living without the other person?  I can’t imagine that.  Probably because I would always be able to live without someone…  I am selfish and self-reliant enough to enjoy living by myself.

Time will tell.