I was thinking about this blog o’ mine.  And really, there are two groups who could read it with zero consequence to me: either complete strangers who have no idea who I am, or friends who know me well (or well enough).  That third group, the one comprised of folks who barely know me or just met me, might not be able to navigate all the murky posts and connect them properly to reality.

For complete strangers, it matters not.  I am whoever they imagine me to be, whoever my writing makes me into.  For friends, they know me well enough to fill in the blanks or to tell when I’m being honest with myself.  Maybe that is why I  don’t “advertise” my blog.  It’s out there, connected to a couple of my social media sites.  But I don’t encourage people to read it.  Not to say that I don’t enjoy it when people do…


Today was an encouraging day.  Surprisingly encouraging.  And I think that regardless, I can take today and be encouraged.  I am still worried about  my near-belief that “often winners turn out to be losers.”  But I went out for coffee with a guy who seemed normal.  And not just that, but nice.  And not just nice, but a gentleman.  And a gentleman who also apparently thinks women are people, too.  Who is intelligent and educated.  Who is a Baptist, but not insane (I am somewhat prejudiced, probably unfairly, against Baptists).  Who seems to have his life more or less together.

Of course, I am highly suspicious.  There must be something I’ve missed, some fatal flaw…  Those tend to show up pretty quickly, though, and you know I’ll be watching…  (I suppose his fatal flaw could turn out to not be interested if I am.  That would be ironic.)

The few dates I go on are with such unfortunate fellows that I don’t know what to do with one that seems, I must say it again, normal.  I think I can say with a clear mind that I am looking forward to seeing him again.  I, for the first time in who knows how long, actually thought over the date afterwards and worried about if I said the wrong thing or something stupid or…  I usually couldn’t care less.  This is weird.

But, like I always remind you readers, don’t expect updates, and don’t expect anything.