I am jealous of the writers that write best-sellers with their first novel.  I am jealous of their talent, their creativity, their perseverance, their luck.  I should discipline myself to write every day, to be persistent, to work on creating the ideas that I have never put down to paper.

Today I am convinced that I should have completed my Nursing education…  If not the first time, then instead of going to seminary, when I re-considered beginning the program again.  I could be gainfully employed right now.  I might not love it, but will I love any job I take at this point?  Besides, I could have taken my skills overseas, and that would have made it worth it.

I am obsessing and worrying over things that I have no good reason to obsess or worry.

I need to go back to church.  Regardless of how hard it will be.  I need to start this coming Sunday, no excuses.  I’ll just go back to my old church and suck it up.  It’ll get easier every time I go.  (I even just wrote it in my planner, which as you should  know, means it will happen.)  I suppose, along these lines, that I need to start reading my Bible again.  I’ve let my discipline lapse in my emotional quagmire, but how will I ever fully get out of it unless I’m actively pursuing Christ?

If you’re of the praying sort, keep my job search in your prayers.