I have sent off my thesis to Staples to be printed and picked up tomorrow.  Four copies: one for me, three for them.  I’ll also mail it tomorrow.  I am so close, folks!


My Sophie kitten is an emotional eater, but when she’s happy.  She starts purring, feeling good, then goes to eat, all the while purring away.

My dad calls Shelby “Sheba” because he says she’s the “queen cat.”  It’s true.  She is.  The thing is, the other two kittens don’t seem to care…  I mean, Shelby tells them what-for all the time.  They’re just sort of indifferent.  So, it’s like she’s asserting herself all the time, letting them know she’s the top cat, and they’re just basically unaware.  It’s funny.

Online Dating

Okay, really, men?  You’re going to send me a message that says something along the lines of “you’re pretty, let’s go out” or “you’re hot, I’m a nice guy, let’s chat.” ???  And you think that will entice me to write you back?  I ignore those messages, every time.  I can’t even find it within myself to feel flattered because I’m fairly certain it’s a message you send to everyone, and really, it’s insulting.  Write something that proves you’ve read my profile.  Write something that gives me a reason to take the time to write back.

Although, I can only go on multiple dates with one person at a time.  So, in theory, I could go on a bunch of first dates with multiple men.  But once I start going on more than one date with a person, I wouldn’t be able to do first dates anymore, unless I stopped going on dates with the one person.  (Wow, syntactically that was a confusing sentence, yes?)  I’d love to be the person who goes on dates with multiple men, but it’s just not in me.


I might get to see one of my Canadian friends today!!  He’s driving through and the plan is for us to get together when he’s passing by.

I went to church last night.  The new pastor is… interesting.  I’m trying to decide if I should just stick it out until I know where I’m going to live, or find a new church now with the knowledge that I might have to change if I move.  Ugh.

Have a great day, everyone.