Today, I got a great new haircut, plus highlights (which I have never done before).  The highlights are really well done–they look like they belong in my hair.  The stylist did such a fantastic job; I’ll definitely go back if I stay in the area.  Anyway, I more or less just went in and asked for suggestions.  I figure that now that I’m done with school (nearly), and getting ready to join the real world (think interviews and a job), I should update my look to something more grown-up and professional than simply straight, no style hair.  I love it.

I applied for a job at my school.  I’m hoping for a chance to talk to the hiring person while I’m down there this weekend.  I’m not actually sure if it would pay enough (as in, I have no idea what the pay rate is), but I believe I would like the position.  It’s for an admissions counselor for the seminary.  And of course, I think I would be a good fit.  I mean, I went to the school, so I could be a valuable asset to the team.  Right?  (Plus, then I could take a class each semester with my alumni free class, and maybe get in more languages!)