It’s 8am, and I’m in a discount hotel.  I just finished the mini cheese danish and apple juice that they offered for breakfast.  My slightly weak cup of coffee is next to me.

The neighbors had their tv on until 4am last night, and the front desk told me they only had feather pillows.  It was a rough night.  I hardly slept.  This morning, the front desk found me a real pillow.  I should have asked for ear plugs, too.

I still need to read over my thesis, and I’m trying to find enthusiasm for my defense.  I hear it’s a great opportunity to simply talk about your work.  But I’m either apathetic or scared, depending on how you look at it.

I’m seeing friends this afternoon, and there’s blues dancing tonight.  I think my favourite dancer is going to be there.  I really hope he is.  I’ve dreamt about dancing with him.  (In the conscious way, not in actual dreams, which would have been cool.)

My outfit makes me feel kick-ass, as does my new haircut and highlights.

I’m ready.