Now that my thesis is done, I’ve realized that I didn’t put much actual thought to what I would do post-school while I’m job hunting.  I’ve realized that I’m trapped even more than before.  Trapped like a rat.  With nothing to do.  Oh lands.  Please, please, please let me find a job soon.

My family, at least one of them, is always home.  I can never be alone in the quiet of a house.  I am bombarded constantly by people and sound.  And since I am not very comfortable with my family, I always feel their presence.  I can’t be relaxed around them.  And I am introverted enough to need that aloneness.  It is possible for me to feel “alone” around others, but I have to know them well, to feel comfortable, to have developed that.  It doesn’t come often, but is welcome when it does.


On another topic, I keep telling myself: more salad, less cookies.

And it’s nice that you can be pleasantly surprised by both yourself and others.