[Be prepared for a mostly fear-based, ridiculously anxious blog.]

What if I’m so hopelessly stupid and inadequate that I never manage to find a job??

Oh lands. How did I find myself in this place?  How am I 30 and still trying to figure out my life?

I blame my initial expectations in life: that I would get married shortly after college (which I would have finished in the traditional four years) and would have had a family by now.  I didn’t prepare myself well enough.  I didn’t honestly think I would have to take care of myself: I always sort of thought there would be a husband in my life to take care of me.

I know better.  And I know that even if you end up in that situation, it doesn’t always stay that way: illness, death, being left…  There are many reasons why you still might have to be successful in the job market.

Unfortunately, I have nothing going for me.  Or so it feels.

I always have South America… Or more school…  Or… something.