Do I completely and entirely lack the gumption and nerve for adventure?

I constantly dream of and long for adventure, yet when the opportunities look like they are nigh, fear sets in.  Maybe that is normal.  Maybe when confronted with the unknown, we are all afraid.  But I tend to talk myself out of these chances because of my fear.  I come up with all the reasons why it would be too hard or too impractical and I never do anything.

I’m looking into going to South Korea to teach English.  If it works out, it would be a huge step for me.  The biggest hindrance would be if I couldn’t get my FBI background check back in time to get a VISA.  The biggest concern I have is my kittens, who I would definitely bring with me.  But I worry about getting them there, about sharing a studio apartment with them, about if I could find good-quality kitty food, etc.

I’ve had a lot of feedback from emails I’ve sent already, which could be promising or not.

And if the timeline doesn’t work now, I could go in August.  I just worry that I’ll talk myself out of it if I wait that long.  Or perhaps instead of talking myself out of it, I would simply become more prepared.  I would find some job here and work while I waited, since I am going to need income pretty soon.

Time will tell.