I was offered a job in Montana, working as a housekeeper at a small Super 8 in the middle of nowhere, near Yellowstone, but 1.5-2 hours away from a grocery store.  They would give me a cabin of my own.  I was sorely tempted to say, “Yes! I’ll be on my way,” but I was reminded that I really need to get a job that has potential for movement.  Because apparently you can’t be a housekeeper your whole life: eventually you get too old, and then what do you do?  (Duh, live on the streets. Listen, I read the articles.  I already know that as a single woman, my chances of being in poverty when I get older are much higher than anyone else’s.  Accept your fate!)

So I’m back to looking for legitimate jobs.  I’ve been applying here, but also in a few warm places, like Albuquerque and Phoenix.  I did have a promising interview last week for a job here that I’d really like to have, but I won’t know if they want to continue on the next round with me until Wednesday.  So I’m really trying to not hope, because if it doesn’t work out, I don’t want to be terribly disappointed.

My biggest concern is my lack of skill with Excel. I know the basics, but…  Through a little Google searching, I found out that Microsoft offers free online training for their products.  My plan is to start going through their training programs, so I can fill in any gaps I might have.  Maybe that will help my confidence.

Finding a job is hard work.


*I found a blog with euphemisms for being out of work and thought I should try one out.