I think that when I’m depressed, I purge things.  For instance, I’ve just deleted another 80 or so people from my facebook, and I’ve deleted my Twitter account.  I think I start considering what matters, what is helping or hindering me, and then I act accordingly.

Not to say that people don’t matter, but honestly, I don’t need hundreds of people on facebook that I never interact with.  They just take emotional energy that I don’t have available to give.  The worst part is when I feel guilty about deleting someone, but if it’s someone that I haven’t been friends with in years, with whom there is no significant interaction, then there is no reason to keep them… Right?

I also begin distancing myself from people who I feel like I give time/emotion/energy to, but who never seem to reciprocate.  Because I’d rather have only a few good friends than many superficial friends.  My introverted self can’t handle the masses.

And in the end, I still only have one person on facebook that I’ve never met… Barry Rodriguez from World Next Door.  I can’t delete him.  I’m still hoping to meet him someday in real life.  (And then he’ll fall in love with me, naturally.)

I need a job.