So, I’ve spent a lot of time dithering about Korea.  And this last week, I told everyone that I wasn’t going to go.

Then I had an interview last night and got an offer today.  And it really looks like an ideal situation.  Plus it’s teaching experience.  And all of a sudden, I found myself signing the contract and emailing it off.

That’s right, folks.  Sometime in the end of March, I’ll be off to Korea for at least a year.

I almost said no.  It’s a huge decision for me, and a huge step into the unknown.  Therefore, it’s terrifying.  But if I never say yes, then I’ll never go, and I’ll always regret it.  This is one of those great opportunities to grow, to learn, to experience a new culture. 

Now all I have to do is get all my paperwork (and my kittens’ paperwork) in order.