1. No matter how much of a good thing Korea might be, I still feel like any change is bad.  So I’m spending too much time worrying about everything: about getting there, getting the kittens there, doing well at the job, finding friends, not missing home, not missing friends, not missing family.

What is it about me that desires and longs for adventure, but shuns the very thought of it the moment it appears?  I have no amount of bravery in me.  It is good that I have signed a contract, that I am putting things in motion, that I am getting ready.  But I am so afraid that it might turn out to be a bad idea, or that I’ll miss everyone/everything too much, or that I’ll just plain suck at teaching English.

2. Getting the kittens there is going to be much more trouble than I realized.  Let’s start with the rabies stuff.  Korea is rabies free.  That, along with their new requirements, means I have to get the kittens a rabies titer test to make sure their levels of antibodies are high enough.  It’s not enough that they have a rabies shot, but they need this proof.  Well, here’s the awful thing.  Apparently only one lab in the entire USA does the test for exporting animals, and it costs about $300 per cat and might take up to six weeks to get back.  Um, I’m leaving in six weeks.  I kind of need it back before then because I do not want to have to put my kitties in quarantine.  (Oh by the way, I almost died/went into shock/couldn’t even speak when the gal quoted me the bill AFTER my vet appointment yesterday. Thank goodness for parents who will help with money…)

I also have to get a health certificate for both of them, and get it certified by the USDA vet in our capitol city here, which means I’ll have to drive on down for the day.  I seriously want to just spit in all their faces when I’m thinking of all the work involved.  Not to mention money.

And of course I already feel all sorts of guilty about the fact they will be in a holding tank in kennels on the flight for over 12 hours.  Without me.  In a scary, unfamiliar, uncomfortable place.

So, I’m trying to be excited, and hopefully that will happen eventually.  But I have a feeling I won’t really feel excited until all my paperwork and the kittens’ paperwork is in order.