I can proudly say that, even if my Sophie-cat is a bizarre cat, she is also a ninja-cat.  If she wants to steal something, say a piece of paper (one of her favourite things to steal), the way that she nips it and runs is a thing of beauty: no hesitation, just pure, fluid movement.  And if you do not catch her immediately, watching her run away, giving furtive looks behind her as she goes, is worth the potential loss.

Shelby has not been as funny lately as she’s been sick.  However, thanks to modern medications, she’s pretty much completely recovered (thank goodness).  We have to burrito her in a towel a couple times a day to get them all in her.  Then all the kittens get a treat (because you can’t just give one cat a treat).  So Sophie and Percy come running at the first sign of Shelby’s misfortune because they know now that this vexation to Shelby ends in goodness for them.


I have been collecting some very nice upholstery samples for my future sleeper sofa.  This is all in the hope that one day I will obtain gainful employment and move out of my parents’ house.  I even have begun daydreaming about colour schemes.  So you know these hopes are getting serious, even if they are yet to be fulfilled.

Maybe I should see about volunteering at the middle school down the street.  It’s close enough to walk (thus saving gas $) and would give me something to do with my time.  If they have need for volunteers, but how could they not?


I had a delightful exchange with Barry from World Next Door on twitter about the need for towels when one is engaged in interstellar travel.  It may have started from a tweet about carrying around a sweat towel when in Sudan.

They’re also hiring for an office manager right now. If you’re interested: apply!  (I may even apply, although I myself am not qualified, but it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to at least try.)