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Okay. So I feel like tons have happened in the last week.

Last Tuesday, I got an interview and job from the temp agency I’ve been working with.  I started on Wednesday and have been full-time since then.  But, that evening (oh, timing), I got an email inviting me for an interview with a local non-profit that I’d applied to.  So Wednesday, after my first day of work, I drove on out to interview, half-dead, honestly.  And I thought the interview went well, but wasn’t sure, of course.

This week, Monday, I was offered the job, and I accepted.  So next week, Monday, I’m starting work as an administrative assistant at a non-profit that primarily works with developmentally disabled adults.  I’m really excited.

Then, yesterday, I got an email from Barry from WND, a very nice email, letting me know that I wasn’t selected for an interview.  Of course I emailed back, telling him it was no surprise, and that I actually just got a job anyway.  And, here it is, the purpose of this paragraph, his response email ended with “Talk to you soon.”

Can you get any clearer?  I knew he was in love with me, too.  Now is definitely the time to declare myself.

Okay, I know that’s a bit over the top.  But in my pedestal-crush madness, I did swoon just a little at those familiar words.  One of my friends said I should respond with “How soon is too soon?”  Hahahaha!

So, the point is, things are finally on an upswing.  I have a real job lined up (I am nervous!), and in a few months, I’ll be able to move out on my own for the first time (I do not count being in student housing).  I’m excited, nervous, anxious, hopeful, the whole gamut.  But, finally, it feels like my life is going somewhere.


This week I started working a temp job.  It’s full time, which is nice.  Although, that does make it harder when/if I get interviews.  But it’s work, it gets me out of the house, and it is money.

All I’m doing is scanning documents and printing manuals…  Luckily, I can bring my ipod and listen to podcasts.

So now that I have my current financial crisis diverted, I just need a permanent job.  Preferably at a non-profit.  Ready, go.

Can’t I just be a Christian who doesn’t attend church?

I mean, what’s the big deal, anyway?  I have Christian friends.  I assemble with them… for coffee, shopping, talking, etc.  That ought to count.

Today I was sitting in a pew, and it filled up to my left, and I was on the very end on the right. And during singing, a woman came and wanted to talk to the person to my left, and pushed me right out of the pew.  So I gathered my things and left.  What was I supposed to do?  Stand in the aisle until she was done?  Was she going to finish?

It’s not like I enjoy going to church lately, anyway.  I’ve been going because I felt like I should, because everyone says it’s important.  But I don’t fit in.  And not just in general, apparently physically I don’t fit in, either. (ha)

I had tried a community group last week which was suggested by the pastor.  It was awful: a bunch of women, sitting around crying, using Scripture indiscriminately.  No way. Not going to work.

I just want a place to belong.

We need to step it up, folks.

Are we not called to more than we are settling for?  Where do these hateful attitudes come from?  Surely not from Jesus nor the witness of the Bible.  In the Bible, I see Jesus embracing the last, the least, and the lost.  Yet that same demographic, those in the margins, are the exact ones we are so hateful toward.

We are not hateful to the ones causing injustice, but to those who need our compassion and love.

If you read through the Old Testament, and in particular the prophets, what are the reasons that the prophets say God is upset with Israel?  Is it because they’re not following the law to the letter?  Nope.  There are a few main reasons that are repeated nearly every time: 1. Israel has followed after other gods; 2. Israel is not taking care of the widows, orphans, and the poor; and 3. Israel is taking advantage and profiting from the widows, orphans, and the poor.  (i.e. the marginalized of their society, those who needed help and protection the most.)  Then look at Jesus’ words when He says what the most important commandment is: To love the Lord your God, and to love your neighbor as yourself.  (Not forgetting who your neighbor is: remember the story of the good Samaritan.)

Let’s take a good look at ourselves.  What are Christians known for nowadays in the US?  It’s certainly not taking care of the poor, as was true in the first few hundred years of Christianity.  Rather, it is railing against those who are in need, upholding the few who take advantage of the system as a reason to help no one:  “Because if you can’t take care of yourself, you should starve.”  “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”  “Quit stealing our money and giving it to people who are too lazy to work.”

I am so sick of it.  Christians should be known for helping others.  And if we get taken in by a few, does it matter?  Is that for us to decide?  Did Jesus only say to help those we knew for certain needed help, or did He want us to help others, regardless?  I think it’s the latter.  We have become so selfish, so self-absorbed, so caught up in the anti-Christian idea of capitalism, that we are selling our souls to save a few dollars.  We should be known for a spirit of generosity and love.

And while I’m on my rant, can we please leave homosexuals alone?  What are we so afraid of?  It seems to me like homosexuals might be our modern day lepers (not a perfect comparison).  And Jesus would embrace them–He was not afraid of the lepers of society.  Regardless of your views of homosexuality, whether or not you think it is a sin, do you have any right to hate someone based on their sexual preference?  Would you deny someone basic human rights because of their orientation, anymore than their ethnicity, gender, age, religion, etc?  People are people.  And as Christians, we are called to show Jesus’ love to others, to people.  Get over yourself: there is nothing scary about homosexuality.

I am tired of being tolerant of an entire nation of Christians who are defined more by who they hate than being defined by Jesus’ love.  I am tired of seeing nothing but hate on my friends’ facebook pages or twitter feeds.  Let’s start reading our Bibles, not for proof-texts to prove we’re right, but for the message in the Bible, for what God is trying to tell us.  We’re going to realize that those small things we focus on have no point of focus in the Bible.

Let’s start loving the last, the least, and the lost.

Jason Mraz ft. James Morrison

The mid-afternoon slump is the absolute worst time to try to apply for jobs.  But I spent the morning writing letters, because that’s my best time for productivity and creativity.  It’s just so exhausting to try and sell yourself to all these employers, especially when you’re met with rejection after rejection.  How are you supposed to go on?

Marrying for money is looking better and better.