Can’t I just be a Christian who doesn’t attend church?

I mean, what’s the big deal, anyway?  I have Christian friends.  I assemble with them… for coffee, shopping, talking, etc.  That ought to count.

Today I was sitting in a pew, and it filled up to my left, and I was on the very end on the right. And during singing, a woman came and wanted to talk to the person to my left, and pushed me right out of the pew.  So I gathered my things and left.  What was I supposed to do?  Stand in the aisle until she was done?  Was she going to finish?

It’s not like I enjoy going to church lately, anyway.  I’ve been going because I felt like I should, because everyone says it’s important.  But I don’t fit in.  And not just in general, apparently physically I don’t fit in, either. (ha)

I had tried a community group last week which was suggested by the pastor.  It was awful: a bunch of women, sitting around crying, using Scripture indiscriminately.  No way. Not going to work.

I just want a place to belong.