It’s Friday of the first week at my new job.  And so far, I really do love it.  Everyone seems friendly and nice.  There’s a lot to learn for my job, and I’m nowhere near learning it all, which is nice.

One of the hardest parts, which I did not even know to anticipate, is learning to become familiar with a very wide variety of accents and names.  We get a lot of phone calls, and I have to transfer the calls to the correct person.  But there are names and accents that I’ve never heard before, and hearing them over the phone for the first time doesn’t make it easier.  I have been assured by everyone that it gets easier.

One of the things I love is the diversity.  It is awesome that my office, as well as those we work with, are not homogeneous.

I do have the world’s slowest computer, but have been told that the hope is to upgrade when we move offices at the end of the summer.  I intend to put a bid in for a new chair while I’m at it.  (Or perhaps I’ll keep an eye out for good sales.)

But other than the long commute, which makes for long days, I have no complaints.

I’m excited.