Why is it that every man who is interested in me is more of a girl than I am?

That is not fair, perhaps.

But, seriously.

I’m not sure if they mistake my non-interest for playing games, but they are so needy, and I’ve never even met this most recent batch.  I should just cut them loose and be free.  (And currently, one is texting me about Star Wars vs Star Trek because I was stupid enough to give him my number, and he seems to think I want to spend my evening texting him.  By and large, I’m ignoring his texts, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.)

Where are the grown-ups?

I suppose it doesn’t help that there’s that totally attractive guy at work to admire.  Who is a real adult.  And normal.

Why are normal men so rare?  Why is that something to be noted instead of expected?