I haven’t posted about the kittens lately…  They’re still as cute as ever.

Sophie still likes to curl up in my recycling bin, still enjoys being pet on the rugs in the bathroom (go figure), and still jumps in the tub right after I shower.

Shelby is still my “old lady cat.”  She’s fussy and persnickety.  And if I try to take a nap on my bed (their bed?), Shelby still comes up to me and slaps my face a few times.  I tell myself she is merely checking to see if I’m alive…

And finally, Percy, my sister’s cat, is still a butt head.  But a very affectionate one, usually.

Last night, we left some large pieces of wrapping paper on the ground for the kittens (after my dad’s birthday), and the cats went crazy.  Sophie, in particular, ran around under the paper, dragging it with her, and making it look like the paper was moving independently.  It was fun to watch them.