I’m posting an awkward, not-the-greatest, self shot, excluding my head (which makes it all the more awkward) to show you a couple things.  One, my current weight (not that I’ve posted before photos), and two, one of the shirts I altered.  It used to have elastic around the waist with a ruffly hem and had zero shape, and after I lost weight, it looked awful.  But I still liked the front design and the colour, so I wanted to save it.  Admittedly, I hemmed it shorter than I intended (I got distracted part-way through the job), but I made it a loose fit on purpose, mostly because I still wanted to just be able to pull it on over my head without fussing with buttons.  (And those are my awesome size 8 shorts.)

me in june 002

I did lose yet another pound.  But it’s slowed down so much that unless I keep losing, I’m not going to worry about it.  I want to stay this size, so it is important I maintain, but I’d rather lose by accident than gain.

Well, that’s all for now.