Every afternoon/evening, I am full of great ideas for better/more obvious flirting/suggestions with the work crush.  Every morning, I wake up determined to do nothing but wait it out.  I am not sure what the difference is, except I am more rational in the morning, and in the afternoon, I have just spent a day of random interactions with said crush, without  much satisfaction.  Seeing him at work always makes me want to see him outside of work.  But I can’t get a good read on him, and am hesitant to make a (second) move.

This is one part of being single that is both terrible and fun.  And I’ll give online dating this: at least you both know your initial intentions.  There is rarely any guesswork as to whether or not you are interested in friendship or dating, because you’re putting yourself out there to date.

I do wonder if it was a mistake not to affirm the enjoyment of having drinks together, along with the assertion that it should be done again.  You would think that with my history of dating non-risk taking men, I would learn what to do to optimize my chances.  Speaking of which, this propensity of mine used to bother me.  But then I realized a few things: One, I have zero desire for the typical, so-called “manly-man” in my life.  That kind of man drives me batty, to put it lightly.  Two, I have a strong personality, and two strong personalities together don’t always mesh well.  Three, who even cares who makes the initial moves, if relationships (of all sorts) are give and take situations anyway.

So you see how I can almost talk myself into being bold.  But I am just a chicken, in the end.  (Unless I’m not.)