Well, damn.  I waited just long enough, and the work crush hesitates just enough, that my rational thinking actually caught up with me.

And I have good friends who tried, in the best ways, to talk sense into me.  Like the one who reminded me what happened when she tried to date a non-Christian.

The problem isn’t necessarily that I wouldn’t date a non-Christian.  The problem is that I know the relationship would have a definite expiration date.  And the problem then is that this would be a work relationship with an expiration date, and I intend to stay at my current workplace for quite some time.  Additionally, I am not willing to ruin my work experience for a guy.  If I could just convince myself that there was a real chance…

So I’m still not saying that nothing will happen with this guy, but I am saying that I’m finally thinking it through, weighing the options honestly.

And I reactivated my okcupid account again.  As long as I’m considering dating folk, I might as well at least leave the door open for guys that I don’t already know it would never work long-term.  Right?