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I get it, Taylor; I get it.


The move at work is half done.

And if anything, it has taught me how truly insignificant I am as a person at work.

I am probably being too sensitive.

But today I came home from work, got into bed, and cried for an hour.  The cats didn’t know what to make of it, but eventually laid down, thinking it was time to sleep, I assume.

Then I ordered a pizza, drank a beer, and watched a movie.

Tomorrow’s another long day at work.


if you can believe it, I am almost all the way settled in.  I only have four boxes of DVDs to unpack, and two bins of stuffies.  (Yes, two.  How did I ever managed to collect so many stuffed toys?)  The DVDs have to wait until I get a bookcase that can support the clock my dad made me.  The stuffies will go on top of the other two bookcases after I get proper shims under them (cheap Target bookcases).

And in 3-5 weeks, the couch I ordered will be here.  I didn’t get a sleeper sofa after all because they sucked.  So I searched around and finally found a place that had just what I wanted.  And it’s a delightful green, very bright and beautiful.  The color will go great with my accent pillows.

I haven’t really had time to simply enjoy my new place–I’ve been busy almost all the time unpacking and cleaning up after unpacking.  But I like it so far.

I’m meeting a guy from okcupid for coffee this morning.  I had been talking to three over the last couple of months, but decided not to meet the other two.  This one is very practical about things, however; which I like.

My family is coming today to help me finish up a few things and to see the place unpacked.  Plus since tomorrow is my sister’s birthday, I decided to celebrate it early (since I won’t go up tomorrow for her actual day).  I made chocolate chip cookie cupcakes (no actual cookies were used; it’s just supposed to taste reminiscent of a cookie).  I also wrapped her present. (Go me, having wrapping paper.)

It should be a good day over all.

I moved.

My goodness I have a lot of stuff.

The bedroom is half unpacked.  The kitchen is mostly unpacked.  The bathroom is partly unpacked.  I’ve done nothing in the living room due to the fact that I don’t have any bookcases yet and most of it is books.

The kittens are adjusting and exploring and playing.  And being way more needy than normal.

I will feel better when I’m all the way moved in.  Not counting books, I hope to be all the way unpacked by tonight.  We’ll see if that happens.  Then tomorrow can be a rest/buy a couch day.  (I took tomorrow off work.)

Dad took me to Costco yesterday and bought me a tv and dvd/blueray player.  It’s nice to be able to watch movies.

Living alone will take some adjusting.

And eventually, I should look for a church down here.

I am moving into my new apartment in less than a week.

Did I mention that I got an apartment?

I’m excited overall.  I’m still trying to figure out how to fit all my furniture (especially considering the sheer number of books I own), but I am determined that it will work, somehow.  I might have to make the living room into a maze. (ha)

Yesterday, my mom and I put new shelf liner on all the shelves.  It looks great.  I picked a fruit design for the kitchen, which matches its era perfectly.  And a nice black and white pattern for the rest of the apartment (linen closet and bathroom cupboard).  Mom did most of the work because, as it turns out, I’m terrible at figuring out how to do that sort of thing.  I’m not very good with spatial reasoning.

So next week, on Friday, we’ll move in some of the stuff from here, mostly books and closet stuff.  Saturday will be the big move day.  I’m surprised and pleased by how many folk are helping.  Many hands make light work!  It’d be great if the actual hefting went quickly.  Then I can get down to putting things away.

And then next week at this time, I’ll be having coffee in my new apartment.