I am moving into my new apartment in less than a week.

Did I mention that I got an apartment?

I’m excited overall.  I’m still trying to figure out how to fit all my furniture (especially considering the sheer number of books I own), but I am determined that it will work, somehow.  I might have to make the living room into a maze. (ha)

Yesterday, my mom and I put new shelf liner on all the shelves.  It looks great.  I picked a fruit design for the kitchen, which matches its era perfectly.  And a nice black and white pattern for the rest of the apartment (linen closet and bathroom cupboard).  Mom did most of the work because, as it turns out, I’m terrible at figuring out how to do that sort of thing.  I’m not very good with spatial reasoning.

So next week, on Friday, we’ll move in some of the stuff from here, mostly books and closet stuff.  Saturday will be the big move day.  I’m surprised and pleased by how many folk are helping.  Many hands make light work!  It’d be great if the actual hefting went quickly.  Then I can get down to putting things away.

And then next week at this time, I’ll be having coffee in my new apartment.