if you can believe it, I am almost all the way settled in.  I only have four boxes of DVDs to unpack, and two bins of stuffies.  (Yes, two.  How did I ever managed to collect so many stuffed toys?)  The DVDs have to wait until I get a bookcase that can support the clock my dad made me.  The stuffies will go on top of the other two bookcases after I get proper shims under them (cheap Target bookcases).

And in 3-5 weeks, the couch I ordered will be here.  I didn’t get a sleeper sofa after all because they sucked.  So I searched around and finally found a place that had just what I wanted.  And it’s a delightful green, very bright and beautiful.  The color will go great with my accent pillows.

I haven’t really had time to simply enjoy my new place–I’ve been busy almost all the time unpacking and cleaning up after unpacking.  But I like it so far.

I’m meeting a guy from okcupid for coffee this morning.  I had been talking to three over the last couple of months, but decided not to meet the other two.  This one is very practical about things, however; which I like.

My family is coming today to help me finish up a few things and to see the place unpacked.  Plus since tomorrow is my sister’s birthday, I decided to celebrate it early (since I won’t go up tomorrow for her actual day).  I made chocolate chip cookie cupcakes (no actual cookies were used; it’s just supposed to taste reminiscent of a cookie).  I also wrapped her present. (Go me, having wrapping paper.)

It should be a good day over all.